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What is NAF S227

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

NAF S227 (HFC 227ea + D-Limonene) Fire Extinguishing Systems are patented total flooding agents certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US) EPA and are listed in the EPA SNAP list.

In addition to their core components, NAF S227 agents includes a patented addictive that reduces the products of combustion and improves the fire extinguishing performance which leads to a higher system safety factor. NAF S227 systems are non-Conductive and non-corrosive. With its low value in the Atmospheric Life time and Global Warning Potential, NAF S227 does not deplete the ozone layer.

The systems are designed with maximum quality and reliability. It is recognized by Underwriters Laboratory, Inc (UL2166). With the credibility of NAF S227, it is definitely a good alternative to FM200.

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