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  • How do I use the fire extinguisher?
    It’s pretty simple. Remember the acronym P.A.S.S. Just Pull the Pin, Aim at the base of fire, Squeeze the handle and Sweep the fire. You can also refer to our How To Use page for 4 simple steps to use your fire extinguisher in case of a fire. If the fire is too big, please call emergency services at 999.
  • Do I need to service my fire extinguisher?
    To ensure your fire extinguisher works effectively, a fire extinguisher should be serviced once a year.
  • How do I know if my fire extinguisher still can be used or if it needs to be serviced?
    There is no need for annual servicing if it’s for personal use, you just need to regularly check the meter gauge and make sure the needle is always in the green zone. That indicates the unit is in a good condition.
  • What type of fire extinguishers do I need?
    In general, a 9kg or 6kg ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher will suffice but for premises with a lot of electrical items (server rooms, machinery, electronics), the 2kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher would be more applicable. Here's a full guide to get a better understanding!
  • Why are class C and D fires not given a numerical rating like class A and B fires?
    Class A and B extinguishers carry a numerical rating to indicate how large a fire an experienced person can put out with the extinguisher. Class C extinguishers have only a letter rating because there is no readily measurable quantity for Class C fires which are essentially Class A or B fires involving energized electrical equipment. Class D extinguishers likewise do not have a numerical rating.
  • What is a Bomba License?
    A bomba license is a license that is issued by the Bomba that denotes the location of each extinguisher and the date of expiry of each extinguisher. All the data is kept by the Bomba for their inspections to ensure that Malaysia is safe from fire.
  • Do I have to service my fire extinguisher yearly?
    If you're using it for personal use, e.g, home, you do not have to service it yearly. However, you will need to service your fire extinguishers and renew your Bomba License yearly if it's for commercial purposes. E.g, for business premises. This is done to ensure your fire extinguisher works effectively during emergency.
  • What happens when the Bomba License on the extinguisher expires?
    When it expires, the license can be renewed if it is within 10 years of the date of manufacture and when it is not condemned. Here’s a quick guide to determine if the extinguisher is condemned and cannot be renewed.
  • What is the difference between ABC Dry Powder and CO² fire extinguishers ?
    The ABC Dry Powder (or Dry Chemical) charged fire extinguisher is a multi-purpose fire extinguisher and can be used on Classes A, B & C fires. They can also be used on electrical fires but leave a residue that may be harmful to sensitive electronics. Carbon dioxide extinguishers (CO²) are ideal for places with a lot of electrical equipment such as offices or server rooms because they are safe to use on fires involving electrical apparatus. They can also be used on Class B fires, those involving flammable liquids such paraffin or petrol.
  • How many Fire Extinguishers do you need for your business?
    For normal areas, a 9kg ABC fire extinguisher is suitable for every 500sq feet. For areas with electronics, a 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher is suitable for every 500 sq feet. For example: A space of 1,000sq feet with a 500sq feet server room will need 1 unit of 9kg ABC + 1 unit of 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher.
  • Can I walk-in to your office to make any purchases?
    Yes! You can drop by our Negeri Sembilan Headquarters to purchase or enquire any of our Fire Safety products and services. Our office hours are as of below: • Mon - Friday: 8am - 5pm • Saturday: 8am - 5pm (only for weeks 2 & weeks 4) • Sunday: Closed
  • What products are available for Self-collection?
    Self-collection is now available for ABC Dry Powder and CO2. Our representative will contact you the next business day after the purchase. Additional details will be needed to process the Bomba license by the Bomba Authorities. We will contact you when your Bomba License is ready for collection! Please present the receipt at the counter. Collection point is at our Negeri Sembilan Headquarters. 📍Our Address
  • Whom can I contact for any enquiries?
    If you need any assistance, simply contact our Customer Service representative by clicking on the WhatsApp icon at the bottom of the page.
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