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ZURITH SAFETY SERVICES SDN BHD is registered and approved as Bumiputera company offering a high quality services in the field of fire protection and prevention system contractor in Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Selangor.
Fire protection and prevention is one of the most important component in safety measurement. It involve set of practices intended to prevent, reduce and limit the effect of the destruction caused by uncontrolled fire. We provide services based on the experience and knowledge of fire safety and rescue (FSR) to all of our customer and provide a high quality services to save lives and property.


Zurith History

Zurith Safety is a company founded by a former Malaysian firefighter, Tn Hj Arshad. It was first established in 2008 and at the beginning of the establishment only a few people were loyal and became strong people in raising the name of this company. In addition, the name of this company was initially ......


Certified by NIOSH

Lets take a look on our ISO certification.

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