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Name given Arshad Bin Hashim

Born on 18 April 1955 at Hospital Melaka

Stayed in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan since 2000

Served at the Melaka and Negeri Sembilan fire stations

Award received: 

1. Pingat Setia BOMBA 2009

2. Sijil Kepujian Jabatan BOMBA 1992

3. Pingat Cemerlang BOMBA 1999

4. Penghargaan Perkhidmatan Cemerlang BOMBA 2000

Pension in 2010.

Retired as officer in Malaysia Fire and Rescue Department of Melaka and Negeri Sembilan, he mastered the field of Fire, Rescue System (FRS). Through years of experiences and training, he acquired strong skills and knowledge on Fixed Foam System, Fixed CO2 System low/ High Pressure, Fire & Gas Detection System, and Breathing Apparatus. He also had attended Basic Fire Prevention courses and many more. Over 34 years working experiences, he realize the potential of the fire and safety system when there is no much company who run this business. He committed to this sector until he launched the Zurith Fire Enterprise in 2007 and Zurith Safety Services In 2015. His hard work paid off and the strong leadership made him appointed as Zurith Safety Services Advisor.

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