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Fire Pump Set

What is fire pump?

Fire pumps are essential components of a building's fire protection system, especially in high-rise structures. In buildings with levels from 400-500 ft. and higher, fire pumps are critical in distributing water through sprinkler systems where water pressure from water mains and company equipment cannot reach.

Even in lower set buildings, a fire pump is key to containing a fire. This company is a hazardous business, but without a well-designed and professionally installed system and pump it becomes even more dangerous, and business assets and lives are put at greater risk

How does a fire pump work?

A fire pump is an integral part of a fire sprinkler system, as it provides high-pressure water accessibility to the fire sprinkler system, increasing the flow rate of the water.

To understand how a fire pump works, it’s important to understand what a fire pump is. A fire pump is more than just it’s namesake - a pump - which is an integral part of the system, but the full system is made up of the motor - or driver - and the controller. As part of a fire sprinkler system, a fire pump receives water from either an underground water supply or a water tank, lake, or reservoir, and is powered by electricity or diesel fuel. The high-pressure supplied by the pump distributes water through the sprinkler system and hose standpipes


Type of Pump


Jockey Pump


Duty Pump


Standby Pump

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