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Portable Fire Extinguisher

Portable Extinguisher Features

Corrosion Resistant Features

  • Seamless steel CO2 Cylinder

  • Fully deep drawn from cold rolled steel welded cylinder

  • Pressure tested to twice the extinguisher's working pressure

  • Externally coated with epoxy polyester powder

  • ​Passed 480-hours salt spray test

  • Stainless steel squeeze lever and bottom handle

  • Reinforced synthetic rubber hose

  • Cylinder is externally coated with Epoxy Marine Paint System
    over sandblasted surface

  • Galvanized metal bracket

  • Passed salt spray test for 720 hours, 1.5 times the usual test
    period of 480 hours

Type Of Fire Extinguisher

Dry Chemical Powder (ABC)

Dry Chemical Powder (ABC) is a mixture of highly efficient mono ammonium phosphate and ammonium suphate ground to selected particle sizes. It is a versatile and safe extinguishant, and is ideally suited to environment where the fire hazard is mixed. It also fast offers fast protection against reignition and heat reduction. Effective against class A, B, C and live electrical fires


The most commonly used extinguishers for class A fire involving carbonaceous materials such as wood, textiles and paper by cooling the fire and removing the heat needed for combustion

Monnex Powder

Based on potassium bicarbonate-urea complex. Monnex is particularly effective against fire involving alcohols, ketones and esters, which are more difficult for conventional fire fighting agents. It is recommended for high risk situation and should be used when rapid knockdown is required for class B and C fires. It is particularly use in refineries, petrochemical complexes and other high hazard areas

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

The ideal agent for use on class B fires. It is non toxic, non conductive and non corrosive inert gas which works by smothering the flames and reducing the oxygen content of the air around fire. This agent also safe to use on live electrical fires.

 Foam / Fluorine Free (AFFF / FF)

AFFF C6 is synthetic aqueous film forming foam concentrate consists of specific fluorinated and hydrocarbon surfactants to allow formation of an aqueous film on the surface of most hydrocarbon fuels, suppressing vapour leaks and preventing its contact with the oxygen and providing an excelling sealing on hot surfaces. Its formulation allows a great oil repellence, fluidity and burn back resistance.

Wet Chemical

An aqueous solution that is suitable to use on class F fire, which involves cooking oils and fats. It reacts with the burning oil or fat forming a ‘blanket’ which rapidly knocks the flames out, cools the burning oil and chemically reacts to form a soap-free substance, sealing the surface and preventing re-ignition

How To Use Fire Extinguisher

Untitled design (36).png

Powder Type Fire Extinguisher (Portable)

  • P- Pull the pin

  • A- Aim the nozzle

  • S- Squeeze the lever

  • S- Sweep side to side

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CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher (Portable)

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