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Carbon Dioxide (C02)


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  • Type: Carbon Dioxide

  • Size: Sizes can range from 2.0kg to 5.0kg

  • Use Instructions

  • Acceptable Materials For Use

  • Class B Fires: These involve flammable or combustible solvents, propane, butane, and petrol. Common examples are due to lit thrown cigarette butts or machinery sparks that come into contact with flammable liquids.

  • Class E Fires (Most Used): These involve electrical equipment such as heaters, fans, kitchens, and electronics found in workplaces, laboratories, and electronics at homes. A common example involves fires due to overheating of appliances.

Our service includes:

  • Fire Extinguisher Installation

  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Testing

  • Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

  • Fire Extinguisher Recharge

  • Fire Extinguisher Training

*Applicable for all types of fire extinguisher

Recharge Service

  1. Basic service

  2. Replace new powder for the extinguisher


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