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Vehicle Fire Extinguisher

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

"VEHICLE FIRE EXTINGUISHER" is a safety tool for preventing fire on vehicles and should be owned by all male and female drivers in Malaysia. It is very easy to use, lightweight handled, lasting up to 12 years of use as well as saving your money.

Why we need "vehicle fire extinguishers" in vehicles?

 It has come to our attention that accidents happen unexpectedly and fires will result in property loss and may result in loss of life. Awareness of having "Vehicle Fire Extinguisher" is still low among Malaysian drivers. This is due to the lack of knowledge regarding this fire prevention tool.


How to put a 1kg Fire Extinguisher in your vehicle.

The 1kg Vehicle Fire Extinguisher is usually located near the driver. This is because the driver is always in the vehicle and the person who always uses the vehicle. As a result, the 1kg Vehicle Fire Extinguisher tools will be designed to be easily placed under the seat of the driver and this is better. To prevent this 1kg Vehicle Extinguisher from interfering with the driver's attention or ensuring safety during driving and ensure the safety of 1kg Vehicle Extinguisher from leakage due to vehicle crushing during the vehicle use, then to overcome this problem the tool called fire extinguisher holder strap will be provided for preventing your 1kg Car Fire Extinguisher from being damaged and moving to another room.

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