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Types of Sprinkler Heads

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

1. Pendant Head

  • Most common head

  • Extends down from a ceiling

  • Sprinkler sprays a stream downward onto a deflector

2. Upright Head

  • Sits on top of the piping

  • Sprays water up towards the deflector

  • Can not be used as a pendant

3. Sidewall Head

  • Comes out of a wall to protect hallways or small rooms

  • Has a fan shaped deflector

  • Used in Hallways or special areas that are not big enough for regular heads

4. Special Heads

  • Sprinkler heads have been designed to protect everything from attics to window openings

  • Attic head have special bends in them to throw water at certain angles

  • Coatings for corrosive areas and heads to match décor of room even exist

  • Dry Pendants are used to protect areas that freeze on wet systems

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