Types,Advantages And Disadvantages of Fire Extinguishers

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

There are various types of fire extinguishers. Such as are water-fire extinguishers, dry-type fire extinguishers, gas fire extinguishers, and foam-type fire extinguishers.


Content : Filled with 9 liters of ordinary water

: Mixed with sodium nitrate to prevent water from being frozen and rusted cylinders.

Fountain Distance: 20 feet to 25 feet

Fountain Duration: 60 to 120 Seconds

Label or color: A (RED)

Burning materials: wood, garbage, plastic and cloth

Life span: 10 years


-When pressed the plugger, it will puncture scaling desc cartridge and gas co2 will come out.

-Gas co2 will push the water out through the discharge tube and exit through the nozzle.

- This kind of fire extinguisher is suitable for class A fire.


- Easy to handle.

- Can control or eradicate the fire early.

- The liquids used are not harmful.


- Only once can be used.

- Not suitable for combustion of electrical and metallic tools.

- Cannot be placed where the temperature is cold and can freeze.

- Cannot control and remove large fires.


1) Cartridge Type

2) Stored pressure

Content- Sodium bicarbonate: 97%

- Magnesium stearate: 1.5%

- Magnesium carbonate: 1%

- Tricalsium carbonate: 0.5%

Fountain Distance: 15 feet to 20 feet

Duration of Fountain: 2 Minutes

Label or color: ABC (BLUE)

Burning materials: all types of materials

Life span: 12 years


-When the plugger is pressed, the co2 gas will push the dry dust out through the nozzle. This fire extinguisher is suitable for all fire classes.


- Easy and easy to handle

- Can control or remove class A, B and C fires effectively

- The removal is more effective than fire extinguisher, foam or co2

- Production (fountain) can be controlled by operating lever.


- Only once can be used.

- Its debts can cause damage to certain materials such as car engine, food stuff and so on.

- Cannot remove metal fire.

- Cannot be placed where the temperature is cold and can freeze

- The flour can be frozen if placed in a cool place.