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System Operation of KITCHEN KNIGHT II Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

The KITCHEN KNIGHT II Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression System has been designed for protecting kitchen hood, plenum, exhaust duct, grease filters, and cooking appliances (such as fryers, griddles, rangetops, upright broilers, charbroilers and woks) from grease fires. The versatile state-of-the-art wet chemical distribution technique, combined with dual, independent activation capability – automatic fusible link or manual release – provides efficient, reliable protection the moment a fire is detected.

Once initiated, the pressurized wet chemical extinguishing agent cylinder discharges a potassium carbonate solution through a pre-engineered piping network and out the discharge nozzles. The wet chemical discharge pattern is maintained for a duration of time to ensure suppression and inhibit re-ignition. Expanded capability provides remote manual actuation, gas equipment shutdown, and electrical system shutdown. This optional equipment will enhance the basic system functions and be applicable when designing custom configurations to suit a particular customer’s needs and/or comply with local codes.

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