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Fire Sprinkler Inspection Process

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

During your fire sprinkler inspection, our trained professionals will:

  • Visually inspect for  proper orientation, support, and clearance of all sprinkler heads and system piping that are readily viewable and accessible from the floor

  • Perform main drain tests and record results to verify proper water volume and pressure is available for the sprinkler system

  • Lubricate valves

  • Check alarm and supervisory devices to make sure proper annunciation and notification is indicated, if connected to the building alarm system

  • Test flow switches by flowing water from the inspectors test connection

  • Test tamper switches by exercising the valve through the full range of motion and verifying that signals are received at the fire alarm control panel

  • Check fire department connections for proper caps and being unobstructed

  • Check system gauge calibration date and verify the water pressure is adequate

  • Check for proper signage on valves

  • Inspect spare head box for proper inventory of spare sprinkler heads and wrench

  • Verify that all valves are in the proper position and sealed or supervised

  • Verify signals are received at the central monitoring station, if the system is monitored

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