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Fire Classification

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Fire flame can be classified into 4 types:

1. Class A

Fires are derive from solid materials (except metals) such as wood, paper, fabric, plastic and so on.

2. Class B

It comes from flammable liquid materials such as petrol, kitchen gas, diesel, varnish, paint and so on.

3. Class C

Flakes from flammable gases or vapors such as hydrogen, methane, propane, oxy-acetylene, LPG gas stove and so on.

4. Class D

It comes from metal materials such as magnesium, aluminum, sodium, potassium and so on.

5. Class E

It comes from cooking ingredients such as cooking oil or fat.

1) Fire Extinguisher ( Dry Powder )

Note: Label with a blue sticker, this type of fire extinguisher is capable of

to extinguish fires that involving metal materials and non

metal. Examples, ingredients are potassium, magnesium,

sodium and titanium. The privilege of this class fire extinguisher is that too

able to extinguish the ability to extinguish all types of fires.

Fire extinguishers of dry powder is more effective than

Fire extinguisher of carbon dioxide.

All kinds of fire extinguishers can only be use once and not be

able to extinguish large fires. Fire extinguisher is

should be place at where it can be view and reasonably suspend

to prevent it from being damage. These fire extinguishers are also necessary

check at least once a month for make sure fire extinguisher in good condition

and ready to use. Before using, the type of fire extinguisher must be

preceded because if the type of fire extinguisher

wrongly it will not give any effect but will cause fire

become bigger.

2) Fire Extinguisher (carbon dioxide)

Note: Fires arise from electric current such as transformer board,

electric power tools, gas and steam that can only be erase with tools

fire extinguisher of carbon dioxide. Among the advantages of a fire extinguisher

label with this black sticker is that the gas does not

drain electricity and penetrate areas that have

small surface. However, it should be noted that fire extinguishers of

this type is not suitable for extinguishing other types of fire and also does not

able to extinguish large fires.

3) Fire Extinguisher (water)

Note: Water type fire extinguisher will be label with a red sticker.

Typically fire type water extinguishers are used to extinguish

fires involving solid materials such as cloth, paper and wood. Tools of

This kind of fire extinguisher is very dangerous for fire

electricity as known as a good electrical conductor.

4) Fire Extinguishers (flame)

Note: If fire involves liquids or flammable gases

such as oil, paint, vanish, natural gas and acetylene gas the fire extinguishers of foam should be used. This type of fire extinguisher can be identify through

The texture. The colour of this texture is cream and serves to cover and

lower the temperature. This type of fire extinguisher that often

used by Fire Department.

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