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Advantages Are Offered By FM 200 Fire Suppression (Fire Protection System)

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

The biggest advantage is how only a very small quantity of agent is necessary to suppress a fire. The result of this is less wasted storage space, seeing as there’s no need for so many cylinders. Extinguishing levels are achieved within 10 seconds by FM 200 systems, putting an end to flammable liquid, electrical and ordinary combustible fires before they’re able to damage much. Fires that are extinguished this quickly will result in significantly lower property damage, and much lower repair costs. Just as you’ll find with every other fire suppression system (fire protection system), FM 200’s are designed to feature extra safety measures for people. Refilling an FM 200 is a cheap and easy process, meaning that there’s not as much disruption and downtime for your business.

The use of FM 200 within an occupied space is perfectly safe. It’s classed as a clean agent and scientific studies and real-world usage have proven FM 200’s safety.

There aren’t just advantages to fire protection system from the use of FM 200, the environment’s also gaining something from its use. Stratospheric ozone is not depleted by the fire suppressant and its effect on the environment is relatively very good when compared to a harsh fire’s damage to the environment. The success of this type of fire suppression has been proven across 70 nations around the globe, and in more than 100 thousand applications.

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