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Fire Hose Reel

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Fire Hose Reel

  • Consist of Manual & Automatic Swing Type Hose Reel

  • Two types of internal drum design available

  • Steel Horizontal Bar

  • Plastic Drum

Manual Fire Hose Reel

  • Eversafe offers swing type and fixed type manual hose reels

  • Swing type - Hose inlet and die cast

  • Fixed type - Fixed pipe and die cast

Fire Hose Reel Center Drum Design

  • Plastic center drum and horizontal steel bar is designed to enhance the strength and minimize distortion of drum and disc

  • Horizontal bar features with a center support for additional strength to with stand the force from hose expansion when pressurized


  • Various type of hose reel nozzle that able to discharge jet and spray water discharge pattern

  • Plastic and brass type nozzle to suit your needs

How To Use Fire Hose Reel

Step 1   : Turn water onto the hose reel by operating the control valve.

Step 2   : Remove the nozzle from its bracket.

Step 3   : Proceed to a safe distance from the fire.

Step 4   : Turn the water on by operating the nozzle.

Step 5   : Direct the water at the base of the flames.

Step 6 : Extinguish the fire by using a sweeping action.

Swing Die Cast


Type of Fire Hose Reel

Swing Hose Inlet


Fixed Pipe


CO2 Hose Reel Unit

Compare to conventional hose reel which carries water to extinguish fire.
CO2 hose reel unit with galvanized steel/stainless steel material for the drum improved its durability and strength. It has better reachability since it use telescopic applicator to put out the fire.


Continuous Fire Hose Reel

Continuous Fire Hose Reel are the ideal hose reel which can be carries water to any building water supply and standpipe system. There are two type of continuous fire hose reel which is mobile type and fixed type.

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