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Standby Pump

The standby pump will be automatically activated when the duty pump fails to operate when the pressure drops to 60psi. The standby pump has the exact function as the duty pump. It replaces the duty pump when the duty pump is not functioning. The standby pump runs on diesel.



  1. The standby pump can stand by at full speed under no water in the suction sump prior to inflow of water.

  2. No frequent starting and stopping.

  3. An automatic flow rate adjustment function allows the standby pump to operate under the low water levels.

Main applications

  • Vertical-shaft semi-axial flow pump

  • Vertical-shaft volute semi-axial flow pump

The STANDBY pump is only used as a backup and is the same size as the other pump in the system. It is only used when a DUTY or ASSIST pump is taken out of line or is faulty/broken.

  • Ony used to replace a ‘non-working’ pump within a set.

  • The STANDBY pump is the same size as the other pumps within the set.

  • The role of STANDBY pump should be swapped to another pump within the system to spread the wear and prolong the system life, this is usually done at a pre-set interval.


Structural of the pump

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