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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 
Fire Extinguisher System


CO2 fire suppression system

Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas has long been used as a fire suppressor in a variety of safety and industrial applications because of its ability to quickly displace oxygen. While some suppression agents like water reduce the heat of fire, a CO2 fire suppression system displaces the oxygen to suppress the fire. 

System Advantages

  • Environmental friendly

  • Colorless, odorless and electrically non-conductive

  • Electrically non-conductive to electrical equipment

  • No residue upon discharge

  • Discharge under its own pressure

  • Fast and efficient due to agent low boiling point

Flexible Design

The system can be engineered to suit specific customer requirements. Audible and visual indicators can be integrated into the control system that facilitates automatic trigger of fire doors, dampers and shutters by means of an electrical detection system.

Multi cylinder designs can be achieved by using manifolds, allowing simultaneous releases to meet the specifications requires for each unique space

Other Desirable Attributes

Thermal stability of CO2 is excellent and it is free from deterioration. In addition, carbon dioxide has many additional commercial uses that refills are available in practically every large city or seaport throughout the world


How does CO2 system work?

Fire is suppressed by reducing the oxygen level in the protected area to the point where combustion cannot be sustained.

Cooling is a secondary action of the agent which is used in local application where the liquid phase of the discharge is applied directly to the fire and hazard materials

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