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Fire Hydrant System

Main Types of Fire Hydrants

The two types of fire hydrant systems are dry barrel and wet barrel. The wet barrel fire hydrant provides a steady flow of water, whereas the dry barrel fire hydrant requires a valve release to allow water to enter. It is intended to allow immediate access to water in the case of a fire. Fire Brigade Connections are independent systems that function similarly to building-specific fire hydrants, providing fire protection that is easily accessible to firefighters. Hydrant System guidelines and approval are available from NFPA, NBC, IS, TAC, FM, and local fire authorities, among other national and international organizations.

Difference between a Dry barrel Hydrant and a Wet barrel Hydrant

Type of Fire Hydrant System


Dry Barrel Hydrant


2-Way Fire Hydrant Adaptor & Blank Cap


3-Way Pillar Hydrant


4-Way Pillar Hydrant

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