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Fire Alarm Semi-Addressable

Semi Addressable fire alarm systems are a combination of both conventional and addressable fire alarm systems that use an addressable panel with conventional detectors. This type of fire alarm is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses like banks, restaurants, retail stores, and many more.

Micron 900 is a Multiplex Fire Alarm System, also known as "semi addressable" system. A standard Micron 900 system consists of 2 buses. Each bus can interface up to 16 RPPU.


The Central controller gather all information from the remote RPPU and process into visual and audio signals. The visual signals consist of LED display indicating locations of fire zones and indications. A graphical mimic will also display all the fire zones. The audio signal will alert security personnel of the occurrence of a fire situation.


The operator keyboard allows security personnel to perform the necessary steps as to disable or reset a fire zone.


  • From 20 to 1000 zones

  • With full zone & status LED display

  • Compatible with all conventional devices

  • Design for easy user operation

  • Built-in 10A power supply/charger

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